Just back from a week in Dubai shooting Golf for a Dennis MagBook – A great experience, good people, good photography, an interesting city and a bit of sun too, if only all working weeks were like this. Here’s a few snaps from the trip, I’ll post some photos once the book is out…


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Long hours and lots done but it wash’t all work though, we did manage to take a look at the beach and a trip up the Burj tower….

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For now, it’s back to the basement…..


Another year comes to an end then, its been a busy one, particularly the last few months which were really great, lots of challenges and a huge amount of work crammed into a short space of time, no complaints but I was definitely ready for the Christmas break…Looking back, setting up a studio at Trinity Buoy Wharf  was an exciting part of 2012, it took longer than expected to get going but hoping that 2013 will see us making full use of the space as its a great place to work now. Oh and there were those Olympics and some nice trips to Europe, so not all work.

I’ve been updating and editing my folio for a while now in preparation of a website overhaul – long overdue. Something I’ve never done until now though is to take a look at a full years work from start to finish, i’ll be doing it again though, found it very useful. Looking at a years work at once is a good way to observe trends, good bad and indifferent and to see if you did more than just keep going for another year (although I do feel fortunate to make a living out of making pictures).

Looking at the best of the years work together I feel like 2012 has been a good year work-wise, that I’ve managed to make some folio-worthy work throughout the year with a good mixture of portrait and still life, can’t ask for too much more than that. After more than 10 years making a living from clicking Ive noticed patterns of learning and progression,(as well as stagnation!) it’s  frustrating when you feel that things have plateaued but this year I feel like I made quite a few regular steps forward even though they might not always be things that are sledge hammer obvious.

Working with Cyclist magazine has had a big impact on the work I made in 2012, both in terms of time  (around 4-5 days per month) and the chance to work with some new subject matter to a high standard, its a great looking mag and its been really satisfying to get so involved in a new launch from the start and have it work out so well…Other highlights were making some non editorial work that Im proud of  throughout this year for Asics, Clinique and Footlocker as well as my first billboard.

I’m not generally one for resolutions but In 2013 id like to make more time for some personal work, i dipped my toe this year but hopefully i’ll manage to get at least ankle deep this year. Also to try and do some more of that relaxing – thanks for putting up with me in 2012 Camille!

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 02.43.53Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 02.50.24A-acoX6CIAALflE.jpg-large

Meant to post this a while back but the last few months have been hectic to say the least….Waterproof cycle clothing for Cyclist magazine – we hired in some Broncolor lighting to make sure we could freeze the water completely, worked out really well and made the difference… well done Rob for getting sign of on the hire costs!  I really want some of this gear, controllable flash duration and colour temperature….love it.


The most difficult thing was finding somewhere to shoot with the limited (zero) budget that we could throw water around in. Hence ending up on the roof of Dennis publishing. Well done to Henry and Rob for top water throwing but mainly to James at Cyclist for being repeatedly soaked, outside, on an October evening.


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silver copy

CY_L_Jan13_Jackets_final copy


Working with SAY media for Clinique on an unusual 360…A fairground style competition to guess how many Clinique products are in a large sweet jar…  Some interesting lighting challenges, some sweets and some sun made for a really enjoyable day. Thanks to Jim from Say for the excellent cola cube wrangling.

After counting every one we can tell you its more then 1 and less than 3000! Head over to SAY for the chance to win some Clinique products for yourself.

Edit: you  have to count the number of Clinique products, not the total number of items…equally tricky, take it for a spin…..


Here’s the sun setting on a great day at our studio. at Trinity Buoy Wharf…fantastic place to work.



While I’m thinking about previously blogged shoots, here are a couple of images from the mens fitness shoot in Battersea from a few months back. The first image wasn’t used for the feature but was one of my favourites.


A varied shoot with many locations and some superhuman jumping!


A quick look at one of the images I made for Asics earlier this year, a shoot that I wrote about here in March. One of the highlights of the year for me (so far)…

The last few months have been busy, hence the lack of activity here.  Highlights have mainly come from working on the launch issue of Cyclist magazine which is out now in all good newsagents….and it looks fantastic, this is not your average cycle mag.

Its been a pleasure to work on and I think there’ll be many a folio image made here in future.

Starting with some portraits of the beautiful staff at cyclist:

We got through a fair amount of fishing line this issue but worth the effort I think.

Some behind the scenes group set puppetry:

Here are a few snaps from the mag – pick it up from a newsagent now or subscribe at first 3 issues for a fiver!


New garden resident…..has taken a liking to sleeping in our ivy, and being woken with a lens in his face.

I think a lot of readers assume there’s a lot of retouching on these images, none here, just hard work from the model and some sculpted light from me.

Couple of images from the Jubilee beacon at Shooters hill a couple of weeks ago….

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